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Hush 2016 720p Full HD Movie Free Download

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HUsh 2016Hush 2016 720p Full HD Movie Free Download. Download Hush 2016 Full Bluray Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Movie Overview

Hush 2016 720p Full HD Movie Free Download Madison “Maddie” Young, a young deaf author who lost her hearing after a bout of bacterial meningitis at 13, is living a life of isolation in a small cottage in the woods, surviving off the money from her books. Her friend and neighbor Sarah pays her a visit one evening and while walking home, is chased back to Maddie’s cottage by an unknown masked assailant with a crossbow and machete. Sarah bangs on the doors for help but Maddie can’t hear her helpless cries as the masked man brutally stabs her to death on the doorstep.

The killer quickly realizes Maddie’s ailment and uses it to his advantage. He sneaks into the house, takes her phone, and begins taking photos of her and sending them to her laptop to make her aware of his presence. As Maddie realizes she’s being stalked, she locks herself inside the house as the masked man cuts the power and sabotages her car. Maddie writes that “she didn’t see his face and won’t tell anyone” on a window in lipstick and the man responds by taking off his mask, so that now Maddie has seen his face giving him reason to kill her too.

The man taunts Maddie by propping Sarah’s dead body up against the window. Maddie tries distracting him with her car alarm and tries reaching outside for Sarah’s phone from her body. The plan backfires and the man attacks, but she fights him off. The cat and mouse game continues as Maddie makes several attempts to escape, eventually climbing through a second story window onto the roof. Once on the roof, she tries distracting him and making a run for it but her plan fails when she doesn’t quite fool him long enough and he begins firing a crossbow up at her, hitting her leg.

As he’s climbing up the side of the house to finish her off, she manages to knock him off the roof and take his crossbow in the process. Going back into the house, she tries frantically to load the crossbow as John, Sarah’s boyfriend, arrives at the house looking for Sarah. The killer confronts John pretending that he is a police officer on a dispatch call to Maddie’s residence. He pretends to call for back-up on John’s phone. The more John asks questions, the more suspicious he gets. John prepares to attack the killer, but Maddie bangs on the glass which distracts John, and the killer stabs him fatally in the neck.


Hush 2016 720p Full HD Movie Free Download

Hush 2016 720p Full HD Movie Free Download
Full Name: Hush 2016
Release Date: 8 April 2016
Size: 700 MB
Quality: 720p
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Language: English
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Hush 2016 720p Full HD Movie Free Download

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