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The Accountant 2016 Full Movie Free Download Dvdrip

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the-accountant-2016-full-movie-free-downloadThe Accountant 2016 Full Movie Free Download Dvdrip. Download The Accountant 2016 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

The Accountant 2016 Full Movie Free Download Dvdrip

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Movie Overview

The Accountant 2016 Full Movie Free Download Dvdrip Christian Wolff, a mental calculator, works as a forensic accountant at ZZZ Accounting in Plainfield, Illinois, tracking insider financial deceptions for numerous criminal enterprises brokered to him by a Voice on his phone, from a restricted number. As a child, Christian had been diagnosed with a high-functioning form of autism and offered an opportunity to live at Harbor Neuroscience Institute in New Hampshire. Although Christian had bonded with Justine, the mute daughter of the institute’s director, his father declined, believing that Christian should overcome the hardships inherent in his condition rather than expect the world to be accommodating. The pressure of raising a special-needs child later drove Christian’s mother to leave him and his younger brother, Braxton, with their father, a decorated military officer, who arranged for them to receive extensive training in combat skills, including martial arts and sharpshooting. Christian now uses those skills to protect himself in his dangerous life as an auditor of criminal enterprises, a job for which he accepts payment in various forms such as rare comics, gold bricks, and paintings by famous artists.

Christian is being pursued by Raymond King, the director of FinCEN in the Treasury Department, who knows Christian by the alias “The Accountant”. King blackmails young data analyst Marybeth Medina into helping him identify and arrest the Accountant prior to his retirement, threatening to expose her undeclared criminal past if she refuses. King’s only leads are Christian’s numerous cover names.


The Accountant 2016 Full Movie Free Download the-accountant-2016-full-movie-free-download-bluray
the-accountant-2016-full-movie-free-download-dvdrip the-accountant-2016-full-movie-free-download


The Accountant 2016 Full Movie Free Download Dvdrip
Full Name: The Accountant 2016
Release Date: 14 October 2016 (USA)
Size: 850 MB
Quality: Bluray
Genres: Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama
Language: English
Cast: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons
The Accountant (2016) on IMDb

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